Affordable Custom Curtains

Get custom high-end looking curtains with a few hacks to IKEA curtains.


5/19/20232 min read

close up photo of white window curtain
close up photo of white window curtain

Do you love IKEA's affordability and style, but crave a touch of elegance in your home decor? Well, get ready to roll up your sleeves because today we're diving into a DIY project that will transform basic IKEA curtains into luxurious window treatments that could grace the pages of any high-end design catalog.

Start with the Right Base

Not all curtains are created equal, and IKEA's range is no exception. Begin your project by selecting a curtain that is prime for an upgrade. Opt for curtains with a decent weight and texture, which will drape beautifully and appear more luxurious. A couple of great choices from IKEA are the AINA and RITVA lines.

Play with Proportions

Luxury is often a matter of proportions. High-end curtains often exhibit a certain 'fullness' that you can recreate by simply buying two sets of curtains for each window. This creates a plush, voluminous look. Another golden rule: Curtains should kiss the floor. Curtains that are too short can undermine the elegant look you're striving for.

Add Personal Touches

Here's where your creativity can truly shine. Consider adding trims or embellishments to your IKEA curtains. From a stylish ribbon border to a patterned fabric trim, or even a fun fringe, the sky's the limit. Check out your local fabric or craft store for ideas and inspiration.

Upgrade Your Hardware

A change in your curtain rods can greatly influence the overall look. Ditch the standard ones for something more refined. Brushed brass or matte black can bring in a modern touch, while intricately detailed wooden or iron rods can lean towards a more traditional style. Don't forget the finials (the decorative ends of the rods) – they can be a great opportunity to add a little character!

No-Sew Hemming Technique

No sewing skills? No problem! For a professional-looking hem, all you need is an iron-on adhesive like HeatnBond tape. To achieve this:

1. First, measure and mark where your new hemline should be.

2. Then, fold the bottom of the curtain to the marked line.

3. Cut and place the HeatnBond tape inside the folded hem.

4. Use a hot iron to activate the adhesive, ensuring to keep the iron moving to prevent scorching the fabric.

5. Let it cool, and voila! You have a beautifully hemmed curtain without any stitching.

Revamping IKEA curtains from 'off the shelf' to 'custom-made' isn't as challenging as you might think. With a dash of creativity, some DIY enthusiasm, and the right choices, you can craft window treatments that mirror high-end design aesthetics. Remember, interior design is all about expressing your unique style and making your home truly yours. Happy decorating!

I hope this DIY guide inspires you to give your IKEA curtains a luxury makeover. Keep visiting our blog for more DIY design tips and tricks, or get in touch with us for personalized interior design advice.